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Annual Reports

Medical Justice Annual report - 2015-16

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Medical Justice Annual report - 2014-15

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AGM 2015

AGM 2015

"At a recent assessment visit with Medical Justice, our team summed up the work of the small NGO as; "an inspiring and impactful organisation, working in the harshest areas of rights abuses, linking individual casework to advocacy, and getting results". Medical Justice mixes technical nous, strong relationships across the health sector with sash savvy campaigning techniques. The final ingredient is an unwavering determination to secure lasting change. Medical Justice brings hopes to individuals in the dark and hidden recesses of immigration detention. The organisation fulfils a unique role and I dread to imagine how much worse things would be without this inspiring group of staff and volunteers shining a light across the detention state. Put simply, we are proud to be associated with the work of Medical Justice."

(Director of a charitable trust)