Helping detainees in need of medical assistance


Many detainees need an interpreter to accompany the doctor or health professional. We also sometimes need interpreters to help caseworkers or doctors speak to detainees on the phone.

The role of our volunteer interpreters is therefore crucial in ensuring that we can reach the detainees who most need our help.

Languages Needed

The most common languages that we need interpreters for are: Arabic, Amharic, Farsi, French, Hindi, Lingala, Lugana, Mandarin, Pashtu, Tamil, Tigrinya, Urdu and Vietnamese.

However, we also need other languages – so contact us if you could interpret for another language.

Location of IRCs

The 10 immigration removal centres that our volunteers visit are located at: Gatwick, Gosport, Heathrow, Milton Ernest (near Bedford), Kidlington (near Oxford), Dover, Swinderby (in Lincolnshire), Weymouth and Strathaven (near Glasgow) and the Verne (near Weymouth).


Training and Support

Medical Justice organises training sessions for our volunteer interpreters, including:

  • Full day introductory training for new volunteers
  • Sessions on working with medical professionals
  • Sessions on telephone interpreting

If you are interested in volunteering as an interpreter for Medical Justice, please email Charlotte Mathysse at with details of the language(s) you can interpret.

Interpreter training

Interpreter training