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“A Secret Punishment – the misuse of segregation in immigration detention”
Monday, October 19th, 2015

“A Secret Punishment – the misuse of segregation in immigration detention”, published today by the charity Medical Justice, reveals that a disturbing number of sick immigration detainees are put in segregation indiscriminately.  Medical Justice are calling for an immediate halt to the use of segregation in immigration detention.  Immigration detainees may be detained indefinitely despite not having committed any crime – putting them in segregation adds to their trauma.



"They picked me up from healthcare and beat me up in segregation, kicking me on the floor. There is no CCTV in segregation. … This is a punishment room … Segregation is always a shut room. No mobile, they don’t let you speak with anyone. …When they finally release you from segregation they continue to threaten you with it. Every time they say – “do you need a refresher? Do you want to go back there again?”"

('Ujay', ex-detainee)