GPs are allowed to refuse to register asylum seekers – many do. 

Asylum seekers are often denied hospital care. 

A pregnant Chinese woman who was denied hospital care gave birth at home ; she and the baby had to be admitted to hospital with serious problems. Later, she was sent treatment bills which frightened her so much, she fled her home ; the whereabouts of her and the baby are unknown.

An Arab with bowel cancer was admitted to hospital as an emergency because of uncontrolled bleeding. Once the hospital discovered he was a refused asylum seeker, he was billed for thousands of pounds and his operation was cancelled.

Many “failed” asylum seekers are still suffering the physical and mental effects of torture and other violence in their home country, yet are denied appropriate care, left homeless and destitute, with no right to work.  One man in Manchester got frost-bite sleeping rough and had fingers and toes amputated.