Helping detainees in need of medical assistance

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Unless there are very exceptional circumstances, nobody should be detained, who has been tortured, has serious health problems which cannot be adequately managed in detention, or whose health is likely to be damaged by continued detention. 

However we are aware that many survivors of torture or extreme violence and many seriously ill people are nevertheless detainees. If you or someone you know has experienced torture or extreme trauma or has health problems (including mental health problems) that are not getting appropriate treatment, Medical Justice may arrange for a telephone assessment or a visit.

Referrals are accepted from detainees, their legal representatives, family members, befrienders, medical professionals and organisations supporting the detainee. There is no charge to make a referral to Medical Justice and we do not use agents or third parties to deal with referrals to Medical Justice.

We receive a lot of referrals and unfortunately cannot help all those who need help. We prioritise those detainees where a medical report is most likely to make a difference.

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If you would like advice about making a referral, you can ring on: 0207 561 7498

"Medical Justice helps people in situations of desperation that most of us could never imagine."

(Volunteer doctor)