Contacting the secondary care provider

If you find that necessary secondary care (such as provision of anti-retrovirals) is not being provided, or results have not been returned, it is perfectly reasonable to contact the secondary care provider.  That does not mean that you are making a referral (you are not empowered or funded to do so). You are merely conveying helpful information to those who are or should be responsible for their secondary care.  You will need the patient's consent and you must make clear who you are and what your relationship to the patient is (i.e. the patient has asked you for an independent assessment).  Consent is best obtained in writing using the form C, appendix 2. This is constructed to allow you to provide information to other clinicians involved in the patient's care, and to request data from them. The form can also be used to communicate with the patient's previous GPs or specialists.

In the event that investigations have been requested but the results are not in the detention centre healthcare notes, you can request them from the relevant hospital. You should request that these results are sent to the detention centre in a timely fashion. You should inform the detention centre by letter, fax or email that you have done this.

Please always provide the Medical Justice Casework Manager with a copy of any letters you send.