Helping detainees in need of medical assistance

PTSD and Depression

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Mr J came to the UK after having been tortured in his home country. When in the UK he suffered from PTSD and depression and attempted suicide. He claimed asylum, which was refused and he was eventually detained. Whilst in detention, Mr J frequently self-harmed and refused food and fluid.

He referred himself to Medical Justice and we sent a doctor in to see him. Shortly after the report was submitted to the Home Office, he was released. A few months later, he was re-detained for one week and then released. We then arranged for one of our psychiatrists to assess him and a further MLR was produced. Mr J is currently living with friends and awaiting the outcome of his case. ​

"When I was detained by Home Office I had no will to live another day in the detention centre feeling lonely, hopeless and in deep pain until I got accepted into Medical Justice. The doctors who assessed me helped me understand what I am suffering from and they definitely helped my case to be explained to the Home Office in the required form and with Medical Justice continued support I was released from the detention twice. Medical Justice helped me get the right treatment from many places including from my GP. I am now in the community receiving treatment while awaits decision from the Home office; it's because Medical Justice helped me and guided me in the right direction. Medical Justice gave me the hope and the confidence to live my life once again."

(Mr J)